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Recovery in the Community



One of the biggest challenges to a person’s recovery, is staying motivated and substance free, whilst they are living in the same situation where they were previously using or where sourcing their drug of choice is easy. This is especially true of alcohol.


Transition Housing

Roots has plans to provide Transition housing in the future. The aim of Transition Housing is to provide a temporary place for that person to live which is not only a living space in a different setting but also provides support and companionship.


Transition Housing essentially provides a place to stay, a steppingstone, between getting free of an addiction and integrating back into society. A typical stay in a Transition Home will be 3 to 6 months during which time the individual will engage with the Root’s team to create and execute on a continuing Recovery Plan.


Transition Housing will take one of two models...


  • A room in house owned by person in the church who will act primarily as Landlord. Backup support will be from the Roots team during the day and to a limited extent the Landlord during the evening and night.


  • A dedicated Transition Home which is self-contained shared housing for 2 to 3 people in recovery with 24/7 backup support. Backup support will be from the Roots team during the day and a sleep in Mentor during the evening and night.


Assisted Living

Roots already has access to, and has used, assisted living properties in Newton Aycliffe, Stockton and Billingham. These properties are administered by a Christian run charity based in the North East


Temporary and Permanent Housing

In this regard Roots’ role will be that of mentor and advocate. Roots has relationships with First Stop, Humankind, the 700 club, and is a frequent visitor to Housing options at the council. These charities and agencies cover all things housing in Darlington, from homelessness to Private rental.


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