They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour Isaiah 61:3

Recovery in the Community



We are not meant to do it by ourselves, we need others. At the heart of the Roots service we use volunteers who have experience in supporting people with addictions. They provide a friendly, safe, dependable and confidential contact point. They are the skewer whereby all the other services are brought together into a Recovery Plan for the individual.


Mentor Programme

A fundamental building block of this programme is our befriending and mentoring service, where trained volunteers act as guide, role model and advocate for the person striving to stay in recovery. In effect they become an example and a companion for a new way of life.


The ethos of this service is the same as it is for Roots overall, which is...


  • to provide a caring hand that reaches out despite what it might find;
  • to be a model for what a life free of addiction can look like;
  • to operate in the strength and love of Jesus Christ.


The following are some of the aims of the service...



Using researched knowledge of the services offered by other churches, charities and supporting agencies Roots can help develop a recovery plan which matches the requirements of the individual and calls on available services to help in that plan.



Drawing on the love of Christ and their own recovery experience, Roots volunteers can walk alongside an individual and provide a working example of what life free of addiction can look like. They can also speak into the issues that will face the individual who is new to recovery.



Many individual’s using the Roots service are not equipped to approach the various services that they need to engage with. In addition, they will often need help when working with the Police, the courts or other government agencies. Roots volunteers can accompany an individual to such encounters and with their permission speak on their behalf.


Recovery Planning

Everyone engaging with Roots will develop a plan for their route through recovery. Root's Mentors can help create this plan and support the individual in its execution.


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