They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour Isaiah 61:3

Recovery in the Community



There are two key factors that can make or break our recovery journey.


1. The people we associate with

2. How we do or do not fill our day


Being active in a new and safe community is essential to a successful recovery programme. The church can provide the new community but in order to get people to cross the threshold they need to have a reason to enter. Roots has established and is planning several ways which can help people access and enter such a community


King's Meeting Place (twice weekly)

A comfortable place where people in recovery can meet with each other and their support agencies, in a safe, controlled and yet cordial environment which provides confidentiality in an alternative venue. Side rooms are also available for individual meetings where greater confidentiality is required.


Coffee. tea and biscuits are free at the Meeting Place and other food can be bought in the King’s café at special Roots' discounts.


Volunteering (weekdays)

More on this under Employment but we find that volunteering in one of the social services which run from the King’s Centre not only fills the day and develops a work ethic, it also brings people into community. This kind of activity is vital as people work to develop new friendships.


Care & Share (weekly)

A great opportunity to come and meet new people. When we are feeling depressed, anxious and in need of love and encouragement, that’s the time for Care and Share. With quizzes, craft activities, talks etc. there is always something to do!


Recovery Support Groups (twice weekly)

Roots runs two forms of weekly support groups at the King's Centre.


Church (weekly)

For those who are interested in their spiritual development there are various opportunities to attend mid-week social and study meetings as well as the main Sunday worship meeting.


In the future we plan to add the following...


Football and other indoor sports activity

The Kings Centre has a sports hall which is generally vacant during the day and is marked out for 5-a-side football, Basketball, volleyball, Badminton etc. It is also equipped for table tennis and other sports. Initial attempts to start a weekly football session met with limited success but it showed that this is something we can readily facilitate.



Working with a charity-based bicycle repair shop we hope to develop a cycle club which would not just go out for rides together but also facilitate instruction on the basics of bicycle maintenance.



We have secured the use of a stocked and managed fishing lake. Members of the associated fishing club are also prepared to teach the basics of course fishing. Using this we hope to provide a series of fishing days in 2020.

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