They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour Isaiah 61:3

Recovery in the Community



One of the best routes through recovery is to have a reason for getting up each morning and in this regard, recovery meetings and activities can only go so far. There is no substitute for getting into full or part-time work.


However, transitioning from a life without work to one with work is more easily said than done. The challenge of transitioning from being sustained through benefits to being driven by the need to earn a wage should not be underestimated.



A steppingstone to employment is for the individual to volunteer for work in the community. In this regard, the King’s Centre provides several volunteer opportunities in the following service areas


  • In the Café kitchen where work ranges from washing up to food preparation.
  • In the Food-bank where the work ranges from unpacking, stacking shelves to serving clients
  • In the Furniture Store where work ranges from furniture repair, to furniture sales and delivery


Roots can also help with volunteer opportunities outside of Kings



Employment remains an area for research and growth for Roots. Befrienders and Mentors can assist based on their own knowledge but up to now, Roots has no specific service in this area


Roots is exploring working with a Christian charity who establish and run job clubs for ex-offenders. They deliver job clubs in partnership with Christians Against Poverty and Clean Sheet. Participants work on goal setting, increase motivation for job-seeking, create an up-to-date CV and undertake voluntary work. Their job clubs include an offence disclosure workshop, which “showcases” successfully employed ex-offenders who have rebuilt their lives and offers teaching on how to disclose convictions in an interview setting.


Participants receive 1:2:1 coaching and take part in group sessions that have a strong focus on building community with social skills and confidence being developed.


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