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Recovery in the Community

Getting Free


On a recovery journey, the first task is to break free of the addictive substances that are controlling us and learn ways to cope without them. To get free we need to discover the root causes of our addictions and at best eradicate them or at least learn how to avoid them or respond differently when they happen. Roots can help in this area with activities that include:


Weekly Recovery Meetings

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centred 12-step recovery programme that is helping to transform lives. It is based on eight biblical principles which are found in Jesus’ teaching on the beatitudes. Through structured weekly meetings, Celebrate Recovery offers the opportunity of a new start and ongoing support for men and women as they seek freedom from the root causes of the ‘hurts, hang-ups and habits’ that have been spoiling their lives.


Life’s Healing choices is an 8-week course which explores the teaching behind the 8 principles used in Celebrate Recovery. This course runs in conjunction with CR at various times during the year


SMART Recovery uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to show that in life we have choices. Choices to change or not to change. These techniques help participants decide whether they have a problem, build up their motivation to change and offer a set of proven tools and practices to support them in their recovery.


Residential Rehabilitation programmes

Sometimes, in addiction it is beneficial to remove ourselves from the situation and attend a residential rehabilitation centre. There are many of these around the UK and contrary to supposition they do not all need private funding. Several of them operate within the benefits system using housing benefit complemented by a top-up from the attendee’s paid benefit. Others are run as a business where the attendee is in effect a worker in the business. This has the advantage of producing a work ethic as well as focussing the mind away from addiction.

Roots has built up a relationship with a few of these rehab centres and can now refer people to their services. Some of these facilities are run on Christian principles others are secular.


It should be recognised however that rehab is only one step in a recovery process. Following on from rehab needs a well thought out Recovery plan, which Root's volunteers can help with.


Specialist agencies

Roots works closely with the North East Council for Addiction (NECA). Their Recovery and Well-being Service offers support for people who choose recovery as a way out of dependency. NECA helps them achieve this through a co-ordinated package of care.


The Darlington Centre Offers a "recovery-orientated" approach to substance misuse (drug and alcohol) treatment including:


Advice and information

Prescribing service

Psychosocial interventions

Family support service

Individual and group work

Structured day care activities

Access to peer mentoring and mutual aid services

Harm reduction


NECA run the SMART Recovery group for Roots and we have a system of cross referral and inter-client support.



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